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House for sale, needs some modernisation. It’s been priced to reflect the work that’s needed. We’ve had a potential buyer view 3 times now, saying they’ve had their eye on the house for a long time. They made an initial offer, 10% below the asking price of £290k. They weren’t even proceedable at the time.

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Recently sold a property of slightly less value which went on the market in October, estate agent advised putting it at £10k more than they expected it to go for. We had one offer £25k below within the week which we declined, a day later offer for the £10k below from someone else which we accepted. A lot depends on the position of the buyer ...There is a housing crisis in much of rural Wales due to a combination of a massive increase in second homes/holiday homes plus a huge number of incomers recently selling up in more affluent areas and moving here because for them it is cheap. There was a rally in Cardiff on this issue over the weekend.Sep 24, 2023 · It depends on what kind of subsidence. It depends of lots of houses in the area have the same issue. Go knock on some doors! It depends if the area is amazing.and everyone wants to live there. If so then combined with a favourable answer to 1) and 2) then less of a worry. Littleroundone · 10/07/2021 17:08. I am in Barratt home and we've been fairly lucky, a bit of minor snagging but all got fixed. However depends very much on the site manager at the time..the site manager we had when bought was good, however my neighbours in the later phases have had some shocking issues.Make the most of your kitchen space with helpful containers to keep your food stored away neat and tidily. From fruit and veg to meat and dairy, here’s our roundup of the top organisers for an enviable fridge. From handy storage solutions to ingenious gadgets, there’s a reason Mumsnetters love Joseph Joseph products.

Maidenhead is a bit underwhelming to be honest, although there’s lots of development in the centre of town at the moment. However, they’re mainly building hundreds and hundreds of starter homes rather than facilities and amenities, and as the town centre was never that great to begin with its all a little bit soulless.Zayda Corretora de Imóveis Rua Tucunare, 430 - 01 - Peixe Dourado I - Barra de São João Rio de Janeiro/RJ CEP: 28.880-000 [ como chegar ]8 days ago ... Hi everyone. I'm house hunting and seen a property I really like the look of. It ticks almost all of my boxes, however the sales history is ...

Apr 22, 2007 · Currently my husband and I rent, we have never been able to afford to get on the property ladder. My in-laws have a property (it belonged to my MIL's father) that they have been trying to sell.It is on the market at £145K and because they want a quick sale they want to take it to auction with a reserve of £130K.

Aug 6, 2023 · It can take time for a house to:feel like a home. Also, unless you plan to sell soon, the price is irrelevant. We brought our house in 2008 crisis. It’s increased every year despite austerity, brexit, pandemic etc. also, if your house decreases in value, others will also, so it’s all relative. HarrowToCroydon · 01/06/2021 15:00. We are thinking of locating to Croydon from Harrow. At first glance Croydon seems more affordable than Harrow. Our budget is around 500k to 575k and happy to do up a house but space is key. The train connections to London from East Croydon are part of the consideration and Croydon feels greener than Harrow.Jan 22, 2022 · Ever since our very first house purchase (150k back in 2014) I've struggled to feel certain about any house I've seen. I don't quite know why. I think it might be because houses we are looking at are 400-450k and it's such a lot of money! Also constant rumbles that the market is going to crash (hasn't yet), etc, interest rate rises. Locating your property line is essential in keeping your property separate from your neighbor’s. This is also beneficial in case of liability disputes regarding trees, fences or ol...

Report. Bookmark. Karmatime · 13/11/2023 13:09. If it’s next door and a one bed I’d do it myself and just buy limescale remover (the HD one is good) and oven cleaner. There is no expectation or requirement to professionally clean for …

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JustRestingMyEyesForAMinute · 16/06/2022 10:30. We have a tiny flat that we rent out, it was our first home, we couldn't sell it during the last recession so clung onto it over the years. We would now be able to sell it and release the equity in it, we just can't decide whether to. On the one hand I like the idea of having a property as 'an ...The Trinity property @Chocolatedeficitdisorder posted (although technically in Leith, estate agents like to stretch the boundaries of trinity) is right on a large park and minutes from the school and some very good nurseries. It's near the botanic gardens which is free. ... Mumsnet carries some affiliate marketing links, so if you buy something ...What's the property market doing in your area. Small town in Northamptonshire. I keep a weather eye on the property market in my area. What I am currently seeing are a lot of 'got to' sales: estate settling and former rental properties. The terraced houses for sale include a number of ex-rental properties. 5% used to be …Sep 3, 2022 · Join the discussion on buying a house and learn from others' mistakes and tips. Find out how to deal with damp, ventilation, and other common issues in old properties. Properties £500k-£Mil are staying on the market for a few weeks, then being reduced by 10%. Properties over £Mil are being reduced by 20%. I think older, larger properties that are expensive to heat/run will decrease in demand slightly as due to the rising energy costs, they'll be less attractive. So prices of these may dip/stagnate.Apr 21, 2022 ... Join our Property forum for renovation, DIY, and house selling advice. ... Mumsnet users, to help you reclaim your home ... property. We're looking ...Duffield is a large village and Belper is a small market town with a great high street. Both have easy access to the Peak District and good rail links. Wouldn't worry about the Duffield secondary school's ofsted if your child isn't school age. It was outstanding for a long time and results are excellent.

Sep 13, 2022 · Join the discussion with other Mumsnet users who are going through the process of selling or buying a house. Share your experiences, tips, and advice on viewings, offers, conveyancing, and more. 21 imóveis ao buscar Casas para Alugar em Barra de São João, Casimiro de Abreu no Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Ordenar por. Aluguel. Casa. Barra de São João, Casimiro de …8 days ago ... House 2 - £279,000. East facing garden. New build not finished yet. Allocated parking spaces are behind the back garden. Both houses are in the ...Mar 7, 2023 · Property asking price. 58 replies. Alexalee · 07/03/2023 07:54. About to put a house on the market. General consensus is sale price will be around 525k. Would you list at 525k. 550k to allow the buyer to make an offer and think they were getting a deal. Or offers over 500k to get the most amount of viewers.

JustLikeJasper · 05/08/2022 07:01. We have just had a 4x6m extension but the shell only, flat roof x2 sky lights, patio doors and single glazed door cost us £31k we are in SE. Kitchen will be another £6k and internals another £5k ish. Parts only as we are doing the internals ourselves. Quote.

Dec 12, 2022 ... We create high-quality accommodation and let it out to tenants. The idea is that we increase the housing stock, whilst minimising any negative ...Leigh8721 · 07/06/2021 13:00. We had this problem but understand it as a vendor will not view you as ready until yours is sold and the likelihood is they will have sold by time your ready so they don't need to bother with viewings when you are not even on the market. You wouldn't be able to get a offer excepted or very unlikely.8 days ago ... Hi everyone. I'm house hunting and seen a property I really like the look of. It ticks almost all of my boxes, however the sales history is ...Feb 16, 2024 ... It been due to the fact that people have made really big offers which have been accepted - literally 60/70k over asking and then the buyers have ...SpidersAreShitheads · 21/01/2024 10:40. They give you a price which is significantly below market value - but that's before the survey. We didn't go any further as we thought the reason they offered so low was to avoid getting a survey done but that's not the case.Aug 15, 2022 · a) a mortgage from a UK bank to buy a property in an EU country. or. b) get a mortgage in the other country to buy a property there, whilst resident in the UK, and not an EU citizen. for context: 2x mid 30s professionals with a help to buy mortgage on a property that no longer suits our needs, and where the government loan repayments kick in 2 ...

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Hi mums, I'm considering a radicle house move to South Wales because it's the nearest place I might actually be able to own my own home. I have visited many times but would love to hear from anyone living in places such as Mountain Ash, Merthyr Tydfil, Ebbw Vale, Abertillery, Tredegar, Aberdare, phillipstown, Trealaw, Ferndale etc or any of …Yes, if commuting into Manchester, there is no train from Lymm. Yes you could drive to Sale (or Altrincham or anywhere else on the tram line) but its not cheap to park (for instance, parking in Altrincham has gone up …Nov 5, 2023 ... Even if you have, you would be crazy to take it off the market until they have sold both properties and have a realistic idea of what they can ...Jan 14, 2024 · Travelismything · 14/01/2024 12:44. In the grand scheme of buying a house £2,500 is nothing so I think you are worrying needlessly. The fact that you know about the fence is a good thing. Quote. Thanks. Mumsnet Property is a valuable resource for parents looking to buy or rent a family-friendly home. With a community of like-minded parents, Mumsnet offers advice, …Feb 25, 2024 · If you don’t like the house, don’t buy it. It sounds a bit blunt but, unless you’re buying with the intention of flipping it within a short space of time, you should buy the house you want, now, and feel confident that there will be someone like you in the future if and when you come to sell. The fact OP is a bit put off says others might ... Feb 8, 2024 ... Property is listed for offers over £200,000. Another property, same layout but garage hadn't been converted, sold in June last year for £202,000 ...A typical "property ladder story" might go like this. Save up deposit of £15k. Have a look at what the bank will lend. This is probably 4 x salary, so on £25k pa it'll be around £100k. ... Mumsnet carries some affiliate marketing links, so if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale (more details here)We moved from Surrey, London originally,to East Sussex, village outside Eastbourne, 10 years ago,much more bang for your buck. Brighton is ridiculously expensive now,and the centre is run down,dirty,lot of little. Eastbourne does in fact have a sandy beach,they import shingle from the isle of wight. They were doing it this week.

We sold my grandma’s home and it was on for £850k. Had an offer of £780k which we accepted (house needs modernisation so hard to price) but then they pulled out. Back on market for £825k. Within another 3 weeks we had 2 low offers under £800k so went to best and final. Ended up being offered £845k and £840k.The property refers to how the opposite of a sum of real numbers is equal to the sum of the real numbers’ opposites. The property written out is -(a+b)=(-a)+(-b). A simple example ...A single parent asks for advice on buying a house in uncertain economic times. See the replies from other Mumsnet users who share their experiences, opinions …Buxton is nice, with its own micro climate, but more cut off. Anywhere in the Peaks is expensive, and it isn't simple to buy property everywhere if you are an outsider. Lived in Bakewell for a while and loved it but it has got a lot busier since. Try visiting a few different places, and rent before you commit to buy.Instagram:https://instagram. natural ruby companyuy uy 2907safeway pharmacy store numberquiktrip near me open Apr 21, 2022 ... Join our Property forum for renovation, DIY, and house selling advice. ... Mumsnet users, to help you reclaim your home ... property. We're looking ...Worth having a survey so a) you can use it as bargaining power to bring the price down especially if the mortgage valuation. May spot something you’ve missed and have local knowledge about the area or property that may be useful - eg flooding. I would always do a full independent survey which includes a valuation. q100 bus schedule pdfinspira medical group woolwich nj Coconutter24 · 16/01/2024 21:58. When we were taking viewings we only took people that had their house on the market. It was so much effort preparing the house each time for people who if they did like the house wouldn’t be in a position to do anything straight away as their house was nowhere near market ready.Our current sink is the most practical we've had - 1.5 undermount stainless steel (and silestone quartz worktop). Its easy to maintain and clean and stuff doesn't break if you drop it in. Worst was a black speckled composite one that was a total nightmare to keep clean. Constantly looked white from the limescale. the pilot truck stop near me Personal Property Tax Assessments - Personal property tax assessments play a big role in how personal property tax bills are configured. Learn more at HowStuffWorks. Advertisement ...The LL can only get back any lost rent for the last 2 months on your tenancy which is highly unlikely as they are sure to find a replacement tenant and experience no loss. I say highly unlikely because you’ve said your type of flat is “very rare” and so must be snapped up very quickly. Quote. Thanks. Add post.I was annoyed it was a “guide price” if she wants £300k should have listed it as such!! It’s hard to find a comparator locally as it’s a 3 bed with a garage with the garage built over to make it a 4 bed. A none extended 3 bed goes for about £260k and a “true” 4 bed with the bigger space goes for about £350k.